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Rider. IMPRESS. underwear is designed to both enhance and embrace your natural shape. The intelligent design allows you to wear this range as stand alone or underwear, creating lift and confidence.

support, lift, shape

Built in support band for
lift & shape


RRP       29.95



Women's Impress Tank

comfort, casual, cheeky

Comfy boy cut with a
cheeky french cut
back & shape


RRP       29.95



Women's Impress Short

relax, enhance, look good

Mid cut relaxed arm with a
mild muscle back to look good


RRP       29.95



Men's Impress Tank

boost, bold, confidence

Boost 1.5 inches on frontal
cup for a bold confidence


RRP       39.95



Men's Impress Short

Sizes Available: S - M - L
Colors Available: White, Grey & Black